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Phone: +36.27.518.700
Fax: +36.27.518.701

Outcoming goods (during the day) István Gesztesi: +36 30 725 5665
06:00 - 16:00 Location/Branch: 2600 Vác, Nádas utca 8.
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GPS coordinates: +47° 44' 54.18", +19° 8' 36.95 "Access:

By car: from the main road 2 or from the M2 motorway (exit: km 33-34 Sződ-Sződliget).By truck: for vehicles under 18 tonnes on the M2 motorway, take the Sződ-Sződligeti exit and then the main road 2 towards Vác.

For vehicles with a gross vehicle weight of 18 tonnes or more, take the M2 motorway to the Gödöllő turn-off and then main road 2 in the direction of Sződliget/Budapest.An entry permit is not required, but a motorway vignette must be purchased for vehicles over 3.5 tonnes.